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Training Service Dog Behavior Interruptions & Alerts

Are you interested in teaching your dog how to interrupt repetitive behaviors like picking, scratching, or leg shaking? Or do you want your dog to alert to other physical behavior changes that indicate escalating anxiety or panic to reduce the severity of the attack, or stop it before it starts? 

Nose boop alerts and gentle chin rest interruptions can help bring attention to repetitive or unwanted behaviors, bring the handler back to the present moment, or alert to an impending medical episode such as escalating anxiety or panic that has physical precursors.

In this video we'll talk about the framework for training behavior interruptions and alerts.

Some examples of Behaviors You Can Train Your Dog to Interrupt or Alert To:

  • Leg Shaking/Bouncing

  • Repetitive Picking/Rubbing

  • Head Scratching

  • Hair Twirling

  • Nail Biting

  • Significant Changes in Breathing Like Heavy/Pronounced Breathing or Panting

  • Hands Over Face/Crying

  • Hand Wringing

  • Repetitive Cracking of Knuckles or Other Joints

  • Finger Drumming

  • Rocking

  • Other repetitive but non-self-injurious behaviors

The goal of training this alert is to have your dog bring attention to or interrupt specific behaviors so that you can take action on, or ask your dog to take action on your behalf.

This week's video is an overview of the framework I use for training behavior interruptions and alerts for physically cued behaviors.

You can take this video and run with it! 

Or if you're looking for step-by-step video instructions that help you build solid foundation skills that translate into strong, real-world alerts, you can purchase my new course, Behavior Interruptions and Alerts!

The course goes way above and beyond the outline in the video, with in-depth, beginner-friendly instruction, as well as troubleshooting tips so you know what to do if things aren't going as planned.

You can find out more on the BIA course page here! It's currently being sold at 35% off with presale pricing. 

And, if you don't want to purchase the course, the video above should give you some general guidelines to follow to help you get started in the training process! 

Happy Training Ya'll! 

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