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Ruffwear's New Access ID Service Dog Vest Review!

TLDR: If you have mobility, dexterity, or vision challenges, you need this service dog vest!

It's no secret that I love the gear that Ruffwear produces. I'm not sponsored by them. Just a loyal customer who is happy to invest in gear that truly holds up. Some of my gear from them is more than a decade old, and still totally functional (though well-loved!).

Previously, Ruffwear has had a policy that only certain organizations could buy their service dog gear. Now, they've changed their policy and it's available to private trainers and owner-trainers alike.

Do I own a ton of service dog gear? Kinda. Did I purchase this anyway? You betcha!

This video (👆) is my review of the policy change and service dog gear, in case you're looking for a lightweight, professional-looking vest for your service dog. And it's a must-watch if you need a simple vest with accessible clasps!

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