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How to Play Tug with Your Dog (The Right Way!)

Cooperative play can be a positive relationship builder between you and your dog. In this video, I bring on professional dog trainer, Casey Van Ness, to teach you to unlock the power of cooperative play with your dog. We will:

  • Dispel old-school myths like "tug makes your dog aggressive"

  • Discover the art of choosing the right tug toy for your dog's life stage and breed preferences.

  • Safety first! Tips to ensure safe and frustration-free play with your dog.

  • Introduce cues like "strike," "take," "toss," and "get it" to establish clear rules for tug play.

  • End the play session without frustration: two ways to end a session without conflict.

🎥 Dive into the world of tug with Casey from LEDR Dog Training in my latest video!

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