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How to Feed Raw Food to Your Dog

What your dog eats has a major effect on their overall health. 🐶

I personally feed a mix of raw dog food, dehydrated raw, and kibble. If you've been thinking of switching to raw, or adding a bit of raw food to your dog's diet (like in their KONG or Toppl enrichment toys) than this video is for you!

This video answers your questions about raw dog food, such as:

✅ How to switch from kibble to raw dog food

✅ When to switch from kibble to raw dog food

✅ Can you feed just some raw dog food?

✅ Can kibble and raw be fed together?

✅ How do you feed raw food safely?

✅ How do you know you're feeding a complete raw diet?

And more!

Plus, get 30% off your first order of raw dog food from Oma's Pride (the food I feed my dogs) when using code DOGGYU at checkout!

[accessibility: black, tan, and white dog licks raw food from a metal bowl against a teal background. White on purple text reads "how to feed raw dog food"]

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