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Dog-Friendly Stores & Public Access Training Tips for Your Service Dog in Training

Dog Friendly Stores? There's never been more locations to choose from!

This video will benefit pet and service dog guardians alike!

I discuss how I start dogs in public access training before they're ready for non-pet friendly locations, as well as all of the stores that allow dogs, whether or not you're training yours for service dog work. There are so many more than you would think! Enjoy an afternoon out with your dog this weekend!

I also discuss:

  • How I start training in dog-friendly stores

  • How I choose dog-friendly locations for a young dog

  • When I start vesting a service dog in training

  • When I start considering non-dog-friendly stores for my SDiT

  • How to know if your dog is comfortable in new locations

This video truly has something for everyone! Enjoy!

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