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Better Behavior? Ditch the Bowl

You CAN have a better behaved (and more fulfilled) dog in 2024!

In this video I talk about why it's time to finally ditch your dog's bowl in favor of training and enrichment. And the switch will add just a minute or two to your daily routine. Not a bad trade off! 

I love using my dog's normal meals for both training, and to help meet their needs for mental stimulation, sniffing, hunting and play!

Today I'll show you simple ways to incorporate more mental activity into your dog's day so that you can have less behavior problems in the home and a more fulfilled and well-behaved pup!

(and yes! I still do all this stuff for my 14.5 year old dog ... does he need it to maintain good behavior in the home? Maybe not ... but he still loves it and it keeps him young!)

So definitely watch this video, and be sure to add your dog's favorite enrichment games in the comments of the video so others can expand their dog's enrichment fun!

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