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Best Dog Training Treats (from a pro trainer who gets results!)

Do you know what making a "doggy trail mix" means?

In this video I show you exactly what I purchase and how I prepare training treats for my dog. I go over fresh and healthy options including meat, fruits and veggies you can use to treat your dog, as well as store-bought and shelf-stable options that you can just tear open and use.

I also discuss why I use freeze dried raw kibble for the bulk of my training, as well as how I make a trail mix your dog will love! You can even include their everyday kibble (I'll show you how to spice it up!).

So if you're wondering what's in my treat pouch while I'm training, this is the video to click on!

Links to all of the products are also included below, but you can always find my recommended products HERE!

Happy Training!


Training Treats:

👉🏽 Happy Howies Meat Log:

👉🏽 Red Barn Food Log:

👉🏽 Beef Liver:

👉🏽 Rawwble:

👉🏽 Vital Essentials:

👉🏽 Zuke's Mini Treats:

👉🏽 Bil Jac Littles:

👉🏽 Instincts Raw Kibble:

👉🏽 Ziwi Peaks Raw:


👉🏽 Treat Squeeze Tubes:

📚 The Forever Dog:

Treat Pouches:

👉🏽 Ollydog Large Adventure Pouch:

👉🏽 Ollydog small treat pouch:

👉🏽 Ruffwear Fanny Pouch:

👉🏽 Ruffwear Treat Pouch:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click on the above link supports the creation of these videos at no cost to you. I receive a small payment even if you don't purchase the products shown here.

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