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Acadia National Park with Your Dog

America's Most Dog-Friendly National Park?

There are very few national parks in the United States that are truly dog friendly. In fact, most require dogs to stay in campgrounds or on paved paths only. But not Acadia! Acadia National Park is one of the most dog-friendly national parks I've been to, and it's truly a gorgeous place to adventure with your pup! This park boasts dog-friendly beaches and lakes, beautiful hikes and panoramic vistas. You can even watch the sunrise from the first place the light touches in the United States, with your dog by your side.

In this video, I head up to New England's only national park with 4 of my friends and fellow dog-trainers with two German Shepherd Dogs and CoolWhip. Together, we'll show you some of my favorite hikes and places to visit with your dog when planning a trip to Acadia National Park!

Here's a link to my favorite national parks guide that I consult for every park trip that I plan!

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