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2024 GRAND Highlander: Camper and Dog Hauler, Owner Review

For a variety of reasons, I recently traded in the Prius V for the new Toyota Grand Highlander. And because I'm a dog person and car camper, and couldn't find any reviews on those things relating to this car on YouTube, I decided to make one of my own!

In this video I review my experience so far with the Grand Highlander Hybrid SUV and also talk about why I chose a hybrid for the dogs (besides the good gas mileage) and what I look for in a dog car.

Finally, I show you the really cool cot solution I found for those of you with a car that is either slanted in the back or uneven and difficult to use as a sleeping platform.

So in any event, here's an unconventional review of the 2024 Grand Highlander :)

Products Used:

💦 Water Jug

🌬 Small Fan

💨 Large Fan

**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click on the above link supports the creation of these videos at no cost to you. I receive a small payment even if you don't purchase the products shown here.

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