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5 Gifts for Dog Lovers under $50!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dog, or the dog lover in your life? Check out these 5 presents under $50 that will be sure to get big grins and spread holiday cheer to both the dog lover and the pup in your life!

CoolWhip playing ball in her Balance Harness

This harness is one of my favorites. It can be used for everything from gaining better control when teaching loose leash walking skills, to attaching a long-line to the back clip and taking your dog out on a hike without inhibiting leg movement. It’s even awesome for winter because it can be fit OVER your dog’s winter coat, due to its 6 points of adjustability. Full disclosure, I also work for this company, but I was using both their harness and the KLIMB in my training long before I started working there this year. I highly recommend this harness for many types of training and fun applications!

Do you have a pup that inhales their food? Looking for a simple way to slow down their eating, no matter what type of food you feed? Throw out your normal dish and grab the Outward Hound Slow Feed Bowl to slow down feeding time and give your dog a more thoughtful eating experience! Want to see the full video review I did of how this bowl works? Click here!

I’m always recommending this book to clients to help them understand how our behavior around dogs effects our dog’s behavior! It’s a fascinating anthropological study of the human in relation to the dog and I found it to be a quick and rewarding read. Everything by Dr. Patricia McConnell is magic, but this book is my favorite. As a side note, if you or a loved one is getting a puppy, I highly recommend her Puppy Primer, also a quick and easy read with lots of pointers without any fluff!

I’ve been using these treat pouches since I found them about 5 years ago. I love their wide opening, magnetic closure and zippered front pouch. They seemingly last forever and don’t have that mechanical feel of some of the other metal close bags, and are leaps and bounds ahead of what you can get in a big-box pet shop. I buy these 15 or so at a time and give them to my service dog clients to make sure they have easily accessible rewards. Can’t recommend them enough!

I recently had the opportunity to have lunch at Lazy Dog Restaurant out in California and boy was it a blast. Great drinks, great food, and they even have a menu just for your dog! You can check out my on-site review if you click on the video below. But even if you don’t have a Lazy Dog near you, many breweries are popping up all over the country and many of them allow dogs! What’s better than enjoying a nice craft brew out with friends in the company of your best furry companion? If you’re looking for an experience gift to give, I think this one is one of my favorites!

Remember that the best gift you can give to the dog in your life is the gift of your time, attention, training, play, and presence. But if you’re looking for a way to upgrade that experience, check out these 5 gifts under $50 and have a wonderful holiday season!


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