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Dog Adventure Vehicle! Outfitting ANY Car for Dog Travel, Car Camping or Sport

In this video I give you a tour of the equipment in my 2013 Prius V which I use to travel the country, attend dog sports, camp, and more!

I show you the items I use to make it a comfortable and safe experience for both me and my dogs, including how to help my dogs and the car stay cool in warm weather.

This is a dog-focused car tour so I'll be showing you how I keep it clean, the crates I use, my dog travel gear, as well as how I modified the car (seat delete!) to give me even more space for dog travel and adventure. And I'll show you all of this so that you can do the same with your car, SUV or van!

Products Used:

💦 Water Jug

❄️ Swamp Cooler

🌬 Small Fan

💨 Large Fan

Window Shades: Weathertech

Window Screens: Breezeguard

Videos Mentioned:

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